Pebble Beach Course Records Broken

The course record that existed at Pebble Beach was recently broken by a collegiate golfer.

The golf course is a storied one and hence, being able to be part of its history is an achievement by itself. That is what a collegiate golfer achieved last weekend. This is a public course that is famous in the country and being able to shoot a course record is something that golfers dream about.

Hurly Long was able to achieve this last Saturday when this Texas Tech senior student got down to playing on the course. He shot a second round 61 which was at the Carmel Cup, where he represented the Red Raiders. His 61 was 11-under-par and it included a 45 footer as well as an eleventh footer for a birdie that was on the par-5 at the eighteenth hole. These achievements put his name above others like David Duval and Tom Kite who already resided in the record books of the Pebble course. (more…)

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There lived a man. His name is Pat Browne Jr.

He was a pro golfer and a champ despite his visual impairment. Browne passed on at the ripe age of 84 on Thursday so we take out time to remember him.

Browne was not born blind as he lost his sight with time, but he never lost his passion for the game. He attended tourneys as a spectator and using nature to enjoy the game. He would wait to listen to the sound of the club hitting the ball and he would know if it was a good or bad shot.

He was a rising star at Jesuit High School and Tulane University but an accident in 1966 made him lose his eyesight. His life was a story of courage, perseverance and focus – something he pushes off to remain modest.

“I don’t consider myself courageous. I consider myself lucky. I could have been a cab driver or a doctor. If I had, the transition would have been awfully tough. But I was a lawyer, a job in which hearing and speech is more important than sight,” he was quoted to have said. (more…)

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A New Movie On Golf

There is a new movie made on golf called Tommy’s Honor which is different from the usual run of golf movies that have been made in the past.

Usually most golf, movies are less about the game and more about the actors and their interactions so that general audience does not fall out of interest with the movie. However, a true golf movie needs to be made for the gamers even if it does not appeal to all genres of movie goers.

The newest movie uses golf as the back drop and many might wonder whether they will feel interested in the movie even if they are unaware of the basic ways the game is played. Those who are aware of golf history would be aware of legends like Old Tom Morris and his son Young Tom. Old Tom was a talented player who won the Open Championship about four times. (more…)

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